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At, we're passionate about unlocking unlimited human potential through video study.

We're dedicated to harnessing humankind's capacity to perceive both perceptible and barely perceptible signals in people and their surrounding environment. Our passion lies in continuously improving the ability to train this perception, thereby increasing effectiveness in responding to these signals. We are deeply inspired and galvanized by the endless creativity that emerges from this process.

We're also passionate about technology and its role in enhancing and simplifying people's lives worldwide.

This unwavering commitment to our passion, awe, and inspiration led to the creation of Our mission is twofold: to not only establish simpler and faster methods for hands-on video and audio analysis but also to empower more individuals to see and engage effectively with others around them.

About Us

Adam Helbig | CEO Adam's career has focused on human improvement and learning. Working with education leaders, learners, and building businesses has always been about helping others be their best. He loves to learn about people's challenges and help them find solutions to solve them. Adam holds a Master's in Education, has worked in Fortune 10 companies, and has launched multiple companies.

Paola Vidulich | Founder With diverse backgrounds as an elite athlete, trained therapist, group facilitator, software engineer, project manager, and sustainability designer, Paola Vidulich offers a unique perspective on hands-on video study. Paola is a Processwork Diplomate and the visionary creator behind

Nathaniel Holder | Cofounder and Software Engineer Nathaniel, our Cofounder and Software Engineer, holds degrees in Computer Science, Processwork (counseling and group facilitation), and Action Theater (physical theater improvisation). He finds balance in his life by immersing himself in a variety of professional and playful endeavors, and he is also deeply engaged in racial and gender justice work.

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