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Streamlined Workflow
From uploading media, to analysis, and onto to collaboration, review and even transcriptions, takes the heavy lifting out of video analysis.
Simply drag, drop and upload. We take care of file formats, time-stamps, privacy, and collaboration, allowing you to focus on what you came to do: analyze your media.
Streamlined Workflow
Centralized Workspace
Centralized Workspace
Manage video, analysis, analysis tools, transcriptions, project notes and collaborators in a centralized workspace.
  • Time-stamped Tags with threaded replies
  • Time-stamped and speaker-annotated transcriptions
  • Color coded and categorized
  • Notes and meta-data
Simplified Communication
Collaborate with peers, engage in supervision, connect feedback to content. Do it all in person or at a distance.
  • Author-labelled and time-stamped Tags
  • Threaded replies
  • Strict user permissions
Simplified Communication
End to end security
End-to-End Security
Security is the corner stone of our development at Our platform leverages the best-in-class cloud services of Amazon Web Services - trusted to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations - to offer all our customers complete, end-to-end security.
  • Encryption of all video, audio and analyses content, at rest and in transit
  • Permission based access
  • HIPAA BAA ready
  • GDPR compliant
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