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Video performance and review built for student-centered learning's intuitive dashboards and enhanced customization boost learning by increasing engagement and delivering outcomes.

Tag Key Moments
Tag key moments with customizable analysis Dashboards, Tags and Markers
Review and Replay
Intuitively review and replay key events with a single click using varied playback speeds and rapid scanning
Hassle-Free Uploads
We accept most modern video and audio file formats – simply drag and drop to upload - we will do the rest for you
Share and Collaborate
Collaborate with peers, engage in supervision, do it all in person or at a distance
Get a snapshot of key moments, patterns, themes, and structure. Share highlights.
Export analysis for offline viewing and comparison to external data sets.
Time-stamped, speaker-recognized transcriptions of both video and audio sources.
Data Visualization
Interactive visualization of analysis. Add upload tertiary data sources.
Coming soon!
Structure analytical approach
Students easily get overwhelmed when studying a video. Help structure their analytical approach with theme-oriented annotation dashboards and tags.
  • Color-coding for whole-brain learning
  • Click to replay key moments
  • Add notes, edit titles
  • Customizable by students
  • Free-form comments to step outside the box
Structure with Dashbaords
Ad Meta-data with Markers
Expand and deepen with meta-data
Markers expand and deepen analyses by enabling multiple aspects of a annotated moments to be specified.
  • Inherited color coding for whole-brain learning
  • Trains thinking skills
  • Enhances annotation filtering
  • Customizable by students
Engage with collaboration’s collaborative platform enables in-person, online and distance classes, peer review and learning, collaborative research, and a streamlined process for collating and comparing reviews and feedback.
  • Strict permissions
  • Private access
  • Blended learning modals
Threaded Replies
Gain insight with filters

Filter analyses by dashboard tag, marker, or even collaborator search and filters enable quick overviews of your analysis, shedding light on blind spots, revealing emerging patterns and enabling further insight.
Customize with ease
Flexibly add, remove and adapt analysis and review tools at any point during the analysis cycle, without losing data.
  • Customizable by students
  • Enable student- and curiosity-driven approaches
  • Reusable across projects
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