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Elevate Performance. Elevate Minds.

Performance review means nothing if it does not result in improvement. simplifies performance review while training essential cognitive skills, enabling students to learn more from what they've already done.
One platform, many uses
Flexibility and versatility enable collaborative video and audio analysis across role and industry
    • Gain insight into trainee thinking
    • Efficiently access key moments
    • Engage in structured microanalysis
    • Identify issues with precision
    • Create collaborative learning spaces
    • Conduct and review exams
    • Empower learners with customizable analysis tools
    • Encourage engaged and interactive observation
    • Structure video study
    • Train essential cognitive and thinking skills
    • Accelerate skills development
    • Track personal development
    • Deepen self-awareness
    • Tailor to interests
    • Expand on evidence, deepen analysis
    • Iteratively adapt and refine analytical approach
    • Engage in collaborative research with globally based teams
    • Collate and compare analysis from multiple researchers
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