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    Video Analyses. Made Simple.
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Next Generation Video Analysis

Dreamaker.io combines intuitive analysis dashboards and secure file storage into an elegant solution for all your video (+ audio) analysis requirements. And if this isn't enough, we've included the capacity to privately share, review and engage with others in collaborative analysis projects.

Built by facilitators, trainers & therapists, for facilitators, trainers & therapists, Dreamaker.io takes the heavy lifting out of video + audio analysis.
Index events in videos with customizable analysis dashboards & tags Review + Replay events with a simple, single click
Shortlist crucial moments Media Formats - we do the transcoding for you, simply drag, drop + upload
Collaborate with peers, engage in supervision, do it all in person or at a distance Security + Confidentiality: 256 AES end-to-end encryptian, at rest and in transit.

Our simple yet powerful platform has been built with flexibility and security in mind.

Whether you follow a single paradigm or cross-pollinate several different training methodologies, our tools can be customized for your unique needs. Our security posture is aligned towards HIPAA compliance & our backend built on Amazon Web Services' industry leading cloud technology, built for the most security-sensitive organizations

  • Teachers

    Create collaborative learning spaces. Leverage the benefits of video + audio study with students. Supervise & review at a distance.
  • Researchers

    Centrally manage media archives & analysis. Invite & collaborate with your research team. Compare results, gain insight.
  • Students

    Accelerate your journey thru peer learning. Share with supervisors across locations. Hone your skills & enrich your training with live content.
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Discern + Recognize

Learn to recognize signals + apply discernment in your responses.

Track + Scan

Track the process, cluster signals + scan results, gain insight into emerging patterns.

React + Respond

Decrease reaction time + increase your response ability - analysis trains your brain!

Organize + Collaborate

Organise analysis projects + securely store, share & collaborate.
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